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We wanted to create a project that many users can use and was different then anything out there right now. After a few back and forth ideas we decided to create GimpHub. Since we all use Github and love you can see the changes in project and multiple users can collaborate on the same project we decided to do the same thing for images.

What it does

Gimphub, like Github is a website that users can upload images and store their projects too. If you push a new project file with new design's or edit an existing picture you will see the changes of the picture edit with the delta images that appear when you upload. We also have real-time collaboration where people can either draw or edit their own pictures that they can work on together in Gimp with a simple plugin that we wrote. This plugin allows users to collaborate together in rela time and get the changes one person does at their computer on their computer while also uploading it to the web and giving you the delta changes also.

How we built it

Our first step was figuring out what we wanted to do. This was talked about at the beginning of the hack on what we wanted to finish first. Chris and Brian decided to code the front-end and get the website working with a Login, Registration and Profile pages. While this was going on Paul was developing the real-time collab Gimp plugin. After we got the Plugin and website design down we finished up the file uploading delta changes code and then all we had to do was get it working online. This was the hardest part since we had to store each image on the server and also post the delta changes to the website. It was down to the wire but we eventually got it working 5 minuets before we had to present.

Challenges we ran into

Time and tiredness is always challenges that we run too as a team at the hackathons. Since its 24-hours we usually try to just get the main features working and edit up the website at a later date. Also keeping focusing on coding once you hit that 20 hour mark is always difficult in trying too push through and keep coding and not just try and sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the website up and running. We did not think we were going to get all the features we wanted to done in the 24 hours time frame. However, we did get everything that we wanted to do done even though it might not look that pretty. The main thing we are proud of as a team is the real-time collaboration where you can see the changes on the website or someone else's computer when editing. This was the biggest challenge to get through and like said before we barley finish this on time and were excited since it worked last minute.

What we learned

We learned a lot of things individually and are proud of all the accomplishments we made as a team.

What's next for GimpHub

Finish up the website and get the profile and upload page to look nicer and not so blocky. Once we get the website up and running we can probably start getting a bunch of users and allow companies to test it out and see if they like it.

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