We believe that Augmented Reality (AR) represents the greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate.

Our platform is a toolkit that democratizes augmented reality to businesses who historically didn't' have the coding knowledge or resources to share their creations.

"We think augmented reality will be equally transformative both for a consumer and an enterprise perspective - a market opportunity of $83 Billion by 2020." - Goldman Sachs 2017

Our strategic partners include IBM, CISCO and Microsoft - with a team of 15 individuals we are poised to be the AR catalyst in the real estate space. We believe AR and our SaaS platform can help;

Allow customers to visualize possibilities for design features easier, quicker, and to scale
Such as design textures, colours, even traffic patterns, lighting, other constraint features such as fire hydrants, nearby building (and their shadows), plants and sidewalks (more for developers and architects)

Allow users to visualize what a space is (remotely) and what it could be (in space) making an image tangible

A more cost effective and simpler way to personalize and make changes to 3D design plans opposed to models E.g. the difference in price between investing in an “AR home” and a model home to show to prospective clients

More compelling way to present plans to customers and expanded marketing options (e.g. interactive advertisement boards, greater exposure from the App Store, or users could explore possibilities remotely)

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