Instagram + crowdfunding

What it does

Looking at the breadth of people on social media, it's a wonder how charities and philanthropists aren't doing more to reach out to this vast pool of potential donors. Philanthropy is yet to hit the mainstream. However, with our app we hope to better connect the do-gooders of the world. Users can scroll through a feed of photos with descriptions about charities and specific causes they may be passionate about. The infamous double-tap of Instagram is used to like the posts and automatically donate $1 to the cause. Through this platform, organizations can ask for funding towards their specific causes, instead of for the organization as a whole. Often, it's easier to give money towards clear plans of action instead of some vague, hulking institution. But the support doesn't stop at the big charities of the world. In the free spirit of social media, any user can create posts to raise money for any issue, local or global.

How we built it

Parse library, XCode with Swift 4, Facebook API for log-in information, stdlib to create server class to stripe's API to process mobile payments

Challenges we ran into

Trouble with using the APIs, with design. Problems with asynchronous network calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Two of us had never built an app before, so this was a really rewarding experience.
  • Successfully implementing back-end (which is always a nightmare)

What we learned

  • Learning Swift and using XCode
  • Using GitHub

What's next for gIFT

  • Create an image overlay on the photo that confirms that a user has donated
  • Implement a way for organizations to mass send supporters of each specific post a thank you message.
  • Allowing more options: Increasing the amount a user wishes to donate Commenting on and/or sending a specific photo right from the feed
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