Everyone has the urge to tweet a funny/sarcastic 'gif ' as a reply to someones tweet. This makes us visit different websites in search of funny gifs. Another challenge is to find the right 'gif '. I wanted to build an API to make this process easy and also provide some fun "without spamming the twitter feed".

What it does

takes either "trend" or "username" as input. If none provided, a tweet from your news feed is read. This tweet is then processed for the "high impact words", and a funny gif is posted as a reply to the tweet. The tweets that are already responded will not be repeated to avoid recursive spamming on to the news feed. .
Optional 'tweet number' input is provided to respond to more than one tweet.

How I built it

Built completely using python, twitter-api, giphy-api and, natural language processing libraries

Challenges I ran into

API exploration. Coming up with an algorithm, and providing multiple options to the user to choose from 'trend', 'user screen_name' and the 'number of tweets', for creating gifs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successfully implemented the project and tested it. Tweeted a few gifs on hackCU trend :P

What I learned

I learned to use twitter api, twitter authentication process, processing twitter response-Json data, natural language processing basics, giphy authentication, giphy api, and building a user friendly api for fun loving python developers.

What's next for gif-tweeter

This app can be integrated with amazon echo to tell jokes and cheer up a buddy based on the current mood. The tweet analyzer part of this project can be integrate with music apps for suggesting good songs to friends according to their current mood on twitter's DM. It can also be used for marketing purposes. And unlimited options to have fun.

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