I wanted to try out the API.

What it does

The discord bot looks for a !giveProfit command followed by the name of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. It productIDs of all the available conditions in which the card is available. Then it queries the product listings for all those productIDs, then compare the median price and the current market price of each listing. Which ever has the cheapest price is the chosen productID. The bot then posts the profit possibility if the product is bought at the current price and is sold at the median price, the name, the listing link of the card and the image of the card.

How I built it

I used API, python along with discord library for the discord bot functions.

Challenges I ran into

The TCGPlayer API when searching for a card by its name, need the category of card mentioned as well. So, I decided to restrict myself to one type of cards to avoid issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned

How Postman works, how discord bots work.

What's next for Getting Rich Trading Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Getting Rich with all the Trading Cards sold on !!!

Built With

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