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Services in accordance with 21st century.

What it does

Imagine If your car is broken down in the middle of the way and you are having an app which assures you that a mechanic is on the way to fix it!

How I built it

My team will built it in next three months

Challenges I ran into

Innsuficiant fundings, expensive patent application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Lot of people and investors very interested in this projects to use a app

What I learned

I learn that market deperatly need this app because coronavirus

What's next for Get Work®

We are going to ekspand over boundries in one year after building app. We are in the process of securing funding of aprox. 50.000 EUR trough eather FIL ROUGE CAPITAL which is platform for investors in Croatia or trough HAMAG BICRO credit line for entrepreneurs in Croatia.

Which vertical do you consider the best match for your venture project? *

Digital Industry

Team composition and fit of each member with the project: *

Describe the core knowledge and expertise of each team member, as well any areas of competence still in need of development within the team. Be as open and honest as possible. Describe also the team's access to knowledge and expertise in any specialist field outside yours but required to implement the solution envisaged, i.e. your product and / or service, and to establish your venture. The founder of startup is Mario Marević. He studied Economy at "Andrija Kacic Miosic" High school in Makarska and later on enrolled University of Split, Faculty of Economics in Makarska (2015-2018) where he earned the title Bachelor of Commerce and Tourism Economy. For the last couple of years, he has held high management positions at Albatros Real Estate, Adriatic Homes Real Estate and at Makarska IN Travel Agency. He also worked as the seller of concession services for Komunalno Makarska d.o.o., and as Sales representative for Jamnica d.o.o. (2014.) and Studenac d.o.o. (2013.). Working on above mentioned positions he acquired communication, organizational, management and marketing skills required for running his own company. He took part in international project “Active Youth Entrepreneurship Network“ (AYEN) where he gained valuable knowledge needed for running a business. Mario is a reliable, principled and responsible person with strong organisational skills, able to perform tasks promptly and take responsibility for the business, but at the same time to function as part of a team. The rest of the team is made of three developers – students of Computer Science at University of Split, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Split (Croatia). Petra Dundić have a great command of programming languages VB, C, C++, HTML, CSS, data structures, web tehnologies, algorithms, database systems, math for computer science, electronics and object oriented programming. Ivona Knaus have great command of programming languages VB, C, HTML, CSS and good command in HTML, CSS , JS and data structures as well as OO languages (C++, C#, Java, Phyton). Ante Sorić have a great command of c,c++, c# and java language. He has knoweledge in Digital technology, Digital Computer Architecture, Algorithms and data structures, Database, Programming

for the Internet, UNIX Programming, Object oriented programming, Operating systems and Computer and data security.

The team has all necessary knoweledge and experiences needed to sucessfully realize the project. Addressed market/business pain and its dimension: * Through a 2 to 3 sentence statement, describe who is your customer and the problem that your product and/ or service will actually solve or help solving. Characterise clearly and quantitatively the current problems faced by customers with existing solutions (from competitors, direct and indirect).

Market segmentation:

Geographic: •Urban consumers (Split, Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek) Demographic: •Working age (15-64 years) Behavior: •Service seekers — anyone who wants to book a service •Service providers — Freelancers (choose this style of work because they enjoy the flexibility); Casual earners (supplementing their income from a traditional job); Reluctant (take on-demand work out of necessity but would prefer traditional job); The cash-strapped (employed in low-paid jobs, but have to take extra work to make ends meet); Students SERVICE SEEKERS PROBLEM:Finding the right service provider is time-consuming because the information needed for decision-making are scattered in different places or not available at all People do much more research before making a purchase decision and factors that are taken in consideration before purchasing a service are: • QUALITY — Customers attach great importance to recommendations, reviews and experience of service provider. • DELIVERY TIME — The era of technology has ushered in a practice of instant gratification of demands why waiting for a service has become a story of the past. Customers want to know the particular time to get their delivery and a given time duration. • LOCATION In order to execute traditional services, people need meet in person, so they prefer services within their reach to access it speedily. • PRICE — Customers want to compare prices before making a purchase. SERVICE PROVIDERS PROBLEM: It is almost impossible to legally acquire more income opportunities (either stable or side income) without huge investments in marketing or opening a company.

Technology underlying the product or service; uniqueness of the solution: *

Please, keep in mind that the Venture Program targets deep-tech based solutions. Start by describing your technology, the stage of technical development you are at and what the next critical steps in development are to establish your MVP and have your solutions ready to launch in the market. What

makes it different (better) from existing solutions? Participants must refrain from disclosing any confidential information for that purpose. In other words, do not describe how your technology works but rather explain what technology it is, what it does and how it meets customers’ needs. Also, explain your strategy for managing any Intellectual Property (IP) protection for your solution.

GET WORK is an mediator app between service providers and service seekers.

It is the only app where

  1. one can find reviews, price, location, experience and contact of service provider in one place,
  2. focus is on C2C type of mediation and
  3. on traditional services where 2 people phisically meet like: • Home care and design (interior designing, pest control, cleaning, laundry, glasswork, woodwork, waterproofing, masonry, carpentry...) • Repair and maintenance (handyman, locksmith, plumber, electrician...) • Health, wellness, and beauty (manicure, pedicure, physiotherapy, massage, trainer...) • Others (nanny, tutor, cooking, walking pets, shooping...) This solution is disrupting the traditional business models, replacing them with a platform to connect the major stakeholders of a service exchange (Service provider and customer). Current MVP is a web page where one can offer or book services. The process is not automated yet so applications, bookings and all communication is first going to administrator. Furthermore, the implementation of Google maps is missing so locations are added manually on the map. There is no possibility to create and edit a profile or to leave reviews and comments. There is currently 14 service providers offering their services trough the web page. There are 60 interested service seekers that are interested in trying on the app once it is made. Future app functionalities: • service provider info (name, photo, education, professional experience, list of services) • service provider (and seeker) rating, reviews and comments • posibility for service seeker to determine suitable time and place where he wants the service to be provided — once provider agrees this way they both know particular time of delivery and a time duration • push notifications (when service is booked, when booking is accepted, when appointment time is changed, reminder to leave a rewiew) • location of provider on map + real-time tracking • price of services provided (HRK/h) • browsing trough options with filters like service type, location, price and reviews • recommendations of service based on proximity, reviews, comments and price. • quick and easy payment mode (cash or card) • provider contact info — available once the service is booked which allows easy communication • overview of all available service options, while the most quality ones will appear on top There is registered patent for app and name of app is registered trademark.

Name of patent: SUSTAV ZA POVEZIVANJE PONUDE I POTRAŽNJE USLUGA, reported at Croatian Herald of Intellectual Property (Hrvatskom glasniku intelektualnog vlasništva) No. 5/2019 (8th of March 2019) Patent No. P20171297A. Holder of intellectual property rights: Mario Marević, Podgorske skale 9, Makarska

Product/service innovativeness: *

Through a clear, 2 to 3 sentence statement, describe your solution, the benefits for the customer and how it overcomes the problems identified in item 2. Be as quantitative as possible in the description of the benefits. For instance, do not just say that your solution “is better than..” but rather “enables XX% improvement in..” App solves SERVICE SEEKERS PROBLEMS because it provides them with all relevant information about all available services in one place which makes the process of browsing trough, comparing and booking offers fast, easy and convenient. Booking a service is possible in 30 seconds! App solves SERVICE SEEKERS PROBLEMS because it enables them to start offering their services and make an (extra) income with low initial investment in terms of time, knowledge, and money. It enables business promotion, visibility of services, digitalization of business and therefore more business opportunities. At last, it allows them flexible working hours.

Global impact: *

Describe the main characteristics (margins; emerging; consolidation stage, other) of the market in which you will introduce your solution (product or service) and in which way your value proposition (to the customer) makes it an attractive opportunity for an investor. Include the financial needs for implementation and the projected returns for a hypothetical investor. Also, highlight how the market has been growing and how it is expected to grow in the foreseeable future. Always quote and reference your sources. You will also need to focus on market sizes for the total and the addressable markets respectively, and make clear any economic, political, regulatory issues that may limit market access. On demand Market size and trends: According to Harvard Business every year on-demand economy attracts over 22.4 million consumers for spending $57.6 billion. The CBInsight report revealed that 23 out of 310 private companies who valued at $1 billion by Jan 2019 belong to On-demand industry. On-demand labor market is expected to flourish by 18.5% annually in the next 5 years and according to the PwC report and will reach a value of $335 Billion by 2025. Global Online On-demand Home Services market is expected to grow at a “CAGR of 53% with revenue USD 1,574.86 billion” by 2020-

  1. The "YOY growth rate for 2020 is estimated at 32.14%" by the end of 2024. By 2025. 72% of internet users will access the web solely via smartphones and 69% of 18-39 definitely use mobile devices to research products. In the first 5 years target market is Android users of working age population (15-64 years old) of 4 major Croatian cities. Croatia has 4,388,476 mobile

subscribers in total and a 102,42% penetration rate. (4Q 2018) Market share of mobile vendors in Croatia from Mar 2019 - Mar 2020 revieled tar Android has 78.78%. In Split there are 121.242 people who are 15 to 64 yo, among them 95.781 Android users. In Zagreb there is 517.212 working age population or 408.597 Android users. In Rijeka there is 88.544 people age 15 to 64 yo and 69.950 Android users. In Osijek there are 73. 919 people 15 to 64 yo and 58.396 Android users. GROWTH OF INTEREST AMONG SERVICE PROVIDERS

  1. Unemployment rate goes up. There was 8.995 unemployed people in Split, 16.548 in Zagreb, 3.700 in Rijeka and 5.049 in Osijek in March 2020. There was 8,3% (152.590) unimployed people in Croatia. Unemployment Rate in Croatia averaged 16.9% from 1996 -2020. According to Trading Economics unemployment Rate in Croatia is expected to be around 13.50% in 2021.
  2. By 2020, the number of freelancers is projected to outpace full time workers - 73% are looking for a job on dedicated internet platforms.
  3. Because of economic crisis more people will need an extra source of income —79% of existing users in on-demand economy are working as part-time.


  1. Shortage of manual workers because od a) migration of labor abroad and b) higher level of education of a growing part of the population.
  2. Increased demand for blue collar service because of a) rising living standard and b) lack of knowledge, tools or time to do small home repair and chores among young urban population.

Financial means needed are for covering first year of operational expenses:

HRK EUR Computers 24.000 3.150 Marketing 40.000 5.249 Office rental 18.000 2.362 Bookkeeping 12.000 1.575 Sallary 269.000 35.302 Total 363.000 47.638

Risks associated with your business model: *

Global investors expect teams responsible for their projects to apply international best practice in managing the risks and achieving the objectives of the project. Risk management needs be balanced with the opportunities presented in a timely and cost effective manner. Clearly identify the main risks involved in your business model and strategy. Document the risks and the severity of any legal/regulatory issue (e.g. International standards, issues with privacy regulation, IP disclosures and protection strategies, etc.). Provide a discussion of the budgetary implications of dealing with the above risks being honest about possible costs no matter how uncertain such estimates may be.

The relevant risks of this project and the introduction of an innovative service to the market are

outlined below: Risk - Likelihood - Impact APP FUNCTIONALITY, TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN FAILURES – Medium Likelihood - High Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures

  • work with reputable programmers on the app development
  • agile approach and frequent testing with customers DEVELOPMENT TAKES LONGER THAN ANTICIPATED- Medium Likelihood – Medium Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures
  • Consult with team regarding the service launch procedure
  • Define implementation timeline
  • Engage additional human and material resources to achieve the timetable
  • Harmonize the project timetable without jeopardizing the project results INSUFFICIENT NUMBER OF APPLICATION USERS – Low Likelihood - High Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures
  • Present new opportunities to meet the requirements of existing and potential clients
  • Follow the business plan and marketing strategy
  • Ensure project visibility
  • Personal contact to potentional service seekers and providers
  • Intensify potential customer visits to identify reasons
  • Present company offerings in other potential markets
  • Revise marketing plan
  • Correct customer offers (eg discounts, additional benefits) LEGAL REGULATIONS (GDPR, PAYMENTS AND TAXES) Medium Likelihood – High impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures
  • consulting with lawyers and tax advisors prior starting project or entering new market
  • apply for and ensure all the required norms are satysfyed and certificates obtained to avoid any legal issues
  • continue regular consultations with experts and follow up on changes in legislation
  • adjust functionality to legal regulations LOW QUALITY OF SERVICE PROVIDERS – Low Likelihood – Medium Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures
  • background checks on the people that work through the app
  • rating and comments of app users

  • creating an algorithm which does not reccomend service providers with low rating and bad comments LACK OF THE REQUIRED PROFILE PERSONELL TO WORK ON AN INNOVATIVE SERVICE Low Likelihood - Medium Impact

  • Make a quality call for applications and a detailed job description

  • Offer a salary that meets the needs of the required profile

  • creating an application administration manual that will shorten the learning and adjustment time of new employees

  • Repeat a job offer

  • Present a job at a local employment office LACK OF FINANCIAL RESOURCES - Low Likelihood - High Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures

  • Develop a quality project proposal

  • Apply for and implement various alternative financing options for the project (banks, EU grants, National grants, Investors, Crowdfunding) PROJECT COSTS ARE NOT WITHIN THE PLANNED BUDGET- Low Likelihood – High Impact Mitigation or risk avoidance measures

  • Develop a budget based on real market prices that is in line with acceptable costs

  • Determine real market prices when designing tender documents for the procurement of equipment and services

  • Find additional financing options if budget exceeds total planned amount

  • Reallocate funds in the budget

  • Activate additional financing options if the budget exceeds the total planned amount

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