George Pegios - Although it does not work for everyone, the truth is that this suggestion technique can be useful to treat some problems such as smoking or obesity.   What is clinical hypnosis Hypnosis is a suggestion technique by which the therapist gives a series of indications to the patient when he is in a hypnotic state to which he has been induced.

Suggestions that the patient will remember when faced with the triggering situation designated in the therapeutic session, which will help him control or modify his behavior.

This technique is recommended to treat problems related to mood (anxiety or depression), in cases of inappropriate behavior habits, such as when quitting smoking or eating disorders, as well as to help control pain, either in acute or chronic processes.

George Pegios - Hypnosis is not a technique that can be used with anyone, since it requires a certain degree of ability to be influenced, for this, the level of suggestibility of the patient must be previously evaluated.

It should also be applied when the person wants to change, because it is useless for one to try without really wanting or because they are forced by social pressure, since the success of this or other similar techniques is based on the will of the person.

As for whether hypnosis should be used in isolation or in conjunction with other techniques, it depends on the professional, there are some who prefer to use only this technique, while others consider it more appropriate to accompany it with others that seek to reinforce self-esteem in compliance of hypnotic suggestions.

 George Pegios - However, it has been proven that hypnosis increases the effectiveness of other therapeutic intervention techniques.

There are countries in which this technique has a greater presence than in others, but this is not so much due to its effectiveness, but rather to the country's tradition in its application.

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