Gear Office is a PDF/TXT/Clipboard reader for the Gear 2. It also works with Evernote, the famous noting taking app on your phone and PC that has more than 100 million users, lets you download notebooks, view notes content and more.

For some use cases of the app, see the section below.

Full features list:

  • Reader:

  • Supports PDF/TXT file. For other file types like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel ... use the Clipboard feature to view the content.

  • Preserve structure of the Text documents.

  • Text extraction and reflow to fit the small screen.

  • Increase/Decrease the font size.

  • Evernote:

  • Download notebooks.

  • Organize notes into notebooks.

  • View content of the note.

  • View notes offline without connecting to the phone. (Provided that the notes are downloaded once).

  • Preserve note structure.

  • Extract text from note so that it fits the small screen.

  • Clipboard:

  • Get the latest text clipboard from the phone.

  • Store up to 10 clipboards. Provided that you have requested the clipboard once, you can view it even if the clipboard on the phone no longer exists.

  • Available for offline viewing.

  • Copy text from almost anywhere. As long as the the app you are using supports copy text, you can transfer the text to the watch without any problem.

Some common usages:


  • Got interesting articles but do not have time to read? Share it to the Evernote app on your phone or PC, then view the content on your watch on the go.
  • Create, edit notes from everywhere (phone, PC, mac, web). Read the content on your watch.
  • Quickly view notes on the watch without using the phone.
  • View the grocery list when both of your hands are busy.
  • View an instruction for a recipe when your hands are used for cooking.
  • View note edits from your shared notes, see what tasks your workmates are assigning to you on the go.
  • Quickly view offline notes when the phone is not available.
  • Anyone can email notes to your Evernote account, then you can view it on your watch.


  • Have an document in Microsoft Office format (Doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls ...) that you want to view on the watch? Open it using any Office app on the phone (E.g: Google Docs), then copy the content to the watch.
  • Use as a clipboard manager. View previously copied content that is not available on the phone.
  • Are you about to read an article but you have to go now, or your phone needs to be charged? Just copy the text, request it on the phone, and you can view it when you can.
  • Got a recipe instruction on the phone, but cannot use the phone while cooking? Copy the text over to the watch. It's easy.


  • Quickly view small documents on the go. No need for a laptop or a PC.
  • View instructions, articles immediately.

There are many other cases when you can take advantages of the features inside Gear Office. Enjoy!

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