Welcome to Gear Navigator

Now you will not lost in the town because you can navigate with your Gear smartwatch ;)

Gear Navigator is first and most popular turn-by-turn navigation for Gear smartwatches.

With few simple steps prepare the route in your Galaxy smartphone, start the navigation and you can put the phone into the pocket because now you see updated map and directions on the screen of your Gear smartwatch.

Main features:

• Map View + Satellite View + Street View

Gear Gear Gear

Automatic route recalculation when out of the route

Voice instruction commands played in Gear smartwatch

• Traffic info on maps


• Three route modes: walking, bicycling, driving

• Up to three waypoints

• Searching places via typing, voice commands and map acquiring

• Two display pages in Gear: Map page with live updated map + direction instructions and Maneuver page showing upcoming maneuver, live left distance, total distance left and arrival time

Gear Gear

• Route script with all details available in phone

• Autocomplete function showing tips during entering destination name

• Battery saving mode

• Route restrictions like avoid tolls, highways, ferries

• Clear map shown in Gear smartwatch with map zoom in / out function

• Two unit systems to choose (metric and imperial)

• Support for Gear S

Positive feedback:

We have over 140 positive comments in Samsung Gear Apps from all over the world. Gear Navigator is in top 10 most popular apps in store.

Users are very involved in Gear Navigator - they offer help in translations, suggest new features, they send plenty of e-mails with deep feedback, suggestions, tests, reviews, routes etc.

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