Gary Fixter - Sports Technician

Gary Fixter tells us about the sports sector, he mentions that it is one of the sectors that has probably not been so affected by the crisis, and which continues to grow.

With the arrival of new sports modalities and a population increasingly aware of the benefits of practicing sports, the offer of sports technicians in entities, clubs, gyms ... is increasing. More sports professionals, and better qualified.

Long ago, they worked as lifeguards; personal trainers; fitness technicians; or teachers of specific sports, people who had not been trained in the subject, or came from non-regulated degrees.

Obviously, if the job offer in the sports sector increases, the training offer must also do so. Therefore, it is very important to choose where to build your professional future as a sports coach. There are several fans.

  • Dimension the figure of the sports coach as an educator and engine of positive changes in the sports community and society as a whole.
  • Provide the sports coach with the capacities and abilities that allow him to make effective his necessary mastery of sports techniques.
  • Constitute references that promote the creation of legitimate job opportunities for all those involved in sports.

Gary Fixter as a Sports Technician in Soccer is in charge of Transmitting the norms, values ​​and ethical contents of sports practice to athletes.

As well as exercise control of the group, cohesion and dynamizing the activity. Detect technical information related to their professional functions and teach the use of the specific facilities of football fields. Inform about the appropriate clothing for soccer practice.

Gary also mentions that the most frequent injuries in soccer must be prevented. Apply emergency assistance if necessary, following established protocols and guidelines. Control the availability of existing healthcare.

Organize the transfer of the sick or injured person, in an emergency, in safe conditions and using the most appropriate system for the injury and level of severity. Collaborate with the medical assistance services of the sports facility.

In addition to programming the teaching of soccer and the evaluation of the teaching-learning process, as well as carrying out the teaching of soccer with a view to the technical and tactical improvement of the athlete to get their best version and hand in hand to evaluate the progression of learning.

In this case, there is no improvement, it relies on Identifying errors in the technical and tactical execution of footballers, detecting the causes and applying the means and methods necessary for their correction, preparing them for the subsequent phases of sports technification.

Being a technical director in soccer also provides you with other benefits as well as detecting and interpreting technological, organizational, economic and social changes that affect professional activity and Possessing a global and integrating vision of the process, understanding the function of the facilities and equipment and the technical, pedagogical, organizational, economic and human dimensions of their work.

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