One of our teammates has a restaurant called Garden China. For this project, we decided to revamp the restaurant's website to make it easier on the eyes and cooler to look at.

What it does

It is a Website mockup, and so for now it is just an idea/concept.

How I built it

Since I have zero prior coding experience and I didn't retain a level of mastery from the workshops, I turned to the things that I already knew: google slides and gimp. Using both tools, I was able to create most of the graphics in the page (including the logo and the hand).

Challenges I ran into

It was difficult to figure out how the website was to be laid out and it was hard to work around the fact that I didn't know how to code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud to have finished this website concept, as it looks like a potential real website that the restaurant could use.

What I learned

In the workshops, I learned about HTML and Arduino.

What's next for Garden China Website Concept

Whats next is to turn this website into a reality. For this to happen, I have to learn a lot more about HTML. Once I do, I could make this concept into a reality.

Built With

  • google-presentation
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