1. "During these uncertain time, being stuck at home can feel pretty lonely and boring that's why our web app aims to bring people together through games." What it does- Not only will you be able to play fun mini games, we have intergated features like Chat, Discussions, and Blogs to help people interact and communincate with others to build a safe space. 2. It is mainly build in html/css with bootstrap on node.js. as well as MSSQL Express and MongoDB 3. We face many challenges during this project since most of us are new programmers. Some things were designing the pages to look a certain, having the chat feature/ media links to work and then connecting all the pages together. 4. Mainly finishing the project as a whole, we're proud to have been able to come together and communicate between the different task to build this website. 5. Thankful for the workshops, we learned about the different UI/UX elements, game/web devepolment, working with Python and learning to use Github, which helped to really put together the site.
  2. There are still so many things to do but hopefully we can add more games to the site as well as different options besides gaming and networking.
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