Many of us don’t know how to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from disaster. A survey conducted by the Queensland government (2013) found that only 30% of people have undertaken preparedness measures in the previous 12 months.

However, this isn’t due to the lack of available information on the subject, given there are multiple resources and informative material online. However, the way this content is presented to the public is dry and unappealing and thus is not sought by people frequently enough. Therefore in order for people be aware of this critical information, the delivery has to be in a fun and engaging way!

The 'Dumb ways to die' advertisement promoted by the Melbourne metro trains is one example of how important safety information was transmitted through a good humored funny approach

What it does

Disaster Master is a mobile based app that encompasses mini games based on real disaster situations. The game informs users on how to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from a disaster through a fun engaging approach. The game also includes opportunities to progress, join local teams and compete with others. In addition, this tool has the potential to strengthen the sense of community through inter-district competitions.

During a real-life disaster, the app allows users to send out an SOS notification to the relevant emergency services, informing where the are and the type of assistance they need.

Project aims:

  • Empower people to manage disasters;
  • Build a strong community;
  • Optimise Disaster relief resources.

How I built it

Using the Untiy and Vuforia applciations

Challenges I ran into.

  • Finding out statistics about disaster preparedness;
  • Doing in depth research in a time effective manner;
  • Quickly adapting the development tools.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Develop a a product strategy and an app in a very short time frame;

What I learned

  • Different ways of becoming disaster resilient

Built With

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