Ever wanted to play a game with your friends but not had enough controllers? Have a phone? Have an internet connection? With our software, you can now connect to an online multiplayer game, using your phone as a controller.

What it does

Connect to with your laptop (display) and phone (controller). Use your laptop as a display, by following the simple instructions online. Similarly, use your phone as a gaming controller & ask your friends to join! More games are yet to be uploaded... In the mean time, have fun using our Ping Pong Demo!

How we built it

Using Azure's SignalR, we were able to instantiate real time communication between the controllers and the display, providing a smooth gaming experience.

Challenges we ran into

  • Storing common state between clients and server.
  • Using SignalR for the first time and understanding its flow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We achieved real-time, cross-platform communication between devices.
  • Easy and scalable platform structure for adding more games.

What we learned

  • Using Microsoft Azure services & signalR
  • Becoming familiar with C# & .NET environment.

What's next for GameHost

  • Allow users the ability to add their own games to the platform, such that other may play them!
  • Iteratively improve UI & UX.

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