I like wearing headphones since this COVID year. I wear it all the time. It makes me feel focused. That's how I chose the character look.

What it does

The character says hello to the user (whomever is logged on), asks for a typed sentence in English, and uses AI translator packet to translate to Chinses.

How we built it

Tried AI image recognition. Then saw this language packet.

Challenges we ran into

how to think about making it fun - how to make the character jump to show emotion after translation, how to diminish into the path. basically change position to less amounts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The music and the jump are fun. We hope the overall ability to translate plus the fun aspect make people smile and want to use it.

What we learned

AI machine learning, AI language translator. How to use If Else statements better. How to think about loops and different things can happen in different loos.

What's next for Future Translator

We want to add voice recognition, so it can be voice to text, text to translate.

Built With

  • scrachai
  • scratch
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