Meet your future self

Have you ever imagined who you want to be or what you would like to do in the future? Four 7-years-old best friends from Massachusetts and Indiana work together on this project for the FutureHacks 2021. Elaine, Emma, Irene, and Kayla assemble a team named Rainbow Unicorn, the animal they liked the most.

Building the project

Inspired by the "pet party" game and all friends’ passion for a better world in the future, Emma made the opening, ending for the whole project and her scene of space figure skating. Scientist Elaine designed an interesting story in which she turned a pony into a unicorn using the potion future Elaine made. Artist Irene showed a funny story in which she won the future art competition. Dancer Kayla illustrated her dream of becoming a Ballerina, who leaped so high as the ceiling, which won a lot of applause.

Challenges and rewards

It was fun, challenging, yet very rewarding in this project to learn how to make jumps between backdrops, customize sound and music and embed into coding, make automatic rotations of figures, merge all stories scenes by the powerful feature of “backpack.”

After all, this project is a story about dreams of future selves and using Scratch to illustrate them. Thanks to the 2021 FutureHacks competition to make the future come true!

Built With

  • scratch
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