This was inspired by my new puppy! He is just a few months old and still learning how to go for walks on a leash, and I wanted to try to keep him off busy roads, and away from distractions.

It was also inspired by my lunch break! Being able to put in a set amount of time I want to walk or a distance I want to walk that day allows me to plan out a walk and make sure I make it back to work on time, while also getting some exercise in.

What it does

Using your start location and input filters, walking directions are generated and displayed on the screen

How we built it

Using Javascript, React, and Google Directions API

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating the API with the filters!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting something working in time to submit

What we learned

What's next for Future Project Name Here

I would love to have the app remember past walks so you can set favorites or if you are always leaving from the same location, offer different options of walks so you are not always taking the same path and get to explore your area a bit

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