Long long ago, on a dark night, one young soul inquired: “what if we made a device that hits racist people?” This idea evolved until it became the project we have today: Furry Finder, the way to find your furries before they are lost forever.

What it does

Reunites families. Dog Tinder as a concept alone is so impactful that it easily thrusts itself into the leagues of Martin Luther King and Malala Yousafzai.

How we built it

We used Flask for the backend (although completely unnecessary-- we were too optimistic with time and capabilities), React for the frontend, Google for pirating legally obtaining images, StackOverflow for code emotional support, and those giant Jenga blocks in the Wealthsimple office to keep us mentally stable.

Challenges we ran into

React :)
CSS :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Calling a watered-down amber alert system for lost pets "Dog Tinder"

What we learned

flex-direction is not the same as align-items
Learning react on the fly isn't the greatest

What's next for Furry Finder

We plan to expand to finding children in the future, so the name might need to change as well

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