We were inspired to create a project to help relieve animal shelters after looking at their difficulties recruiting potential pet guardians before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. Often, a potential guardian will have to visit numerous individual animal shelter websites to get information, and these aren’t always updated quickly. We designed our app based on the simplicity of dating apps for humans.

What it does

Fur-Ever friends works to connect potential pet guardians with animal shelters. It consolidates information about available pets from registered animal shelters and provides the information in a clean, easy-to-read way. After logging in, or signing up as an individual or family unit, a user can select which type of animal they are looking for from a list, and an application containing all available animals of that species in the location of the user will pop up.

What we did

We worked in a shared GitHub repository to develop the app using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. We divided up responsibilities in terms of pages to develop, images to find, and research to do.

Challenges we ran into

We had different experience levels with coding so it was initially a little difficult to find roles and tasks for everyone. In addition, most of us did not have much experience with JavaScript, which ended up being a key component of the project. To overcome this, we watched YouTube videos and asked each other for help when needed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented JavaScript into our website and made an aesthetically-pleasing main page. We also worked together as a team to finish the final project through GitHub. Above all, we are proud to be able to create an app that could enable millions of pets to find the loving homes they deserve.

What we learned

We learned about JavaScript implementation and how PHP, HTML, and other languages used work together to produce a functional, exciting website. During the research phase, we learned about how animal shelters in the United States are overwhelmed.

What's next for Fur-Ever Friends

In the future, we would like to implement a chat feature between users and shelters in the app so that communication is easier. Adding search filters that link with the "traits" associated with each pet like age, friendliness to children, and more would help to make the search process easier on the individual user's end. Additionally, we plan to add location filters to make it convenient for guardians to find pets near them. For those who are unable to become guardians but would still like to support shelters, we will add a 'Donate' button for each shelter.

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