About FunFacts.js

FunFacts.js is a small javascript library that makes programming more interesting. Simply place it before the rest of the JS in your webpage, and it will replace all the error messages with fun facts pulled from Reddit.

How should I use FunFacts.js?

You should use this in your production codebase. It'll help protect your webapps from hackers who could find vulnerabilities to exploit by examining your error messages. Also, #yolo.

How can I try it out?

Check out our live demo at http://writes.co.de/funfacts.js

What technologies are you using?

We override the native error handling functionality in Chrome and Firefox and replace it with some JavaScript. Please feel encouraged to look at the source code, which can be found in our GitHub repo. On the frontend, we're using a mix of HTML5 and Wow.js.

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