I was inspired to create Fun Learn after witnessing how my younger brother had lost all interest in learning ever since the start of COVID-19. The lack of face-to-face interactions with his teachers and friends along with the ancient way of teaching that do not match students' interests, he had grown extremely bored of school. I decided that I wanted to help. So, i created a fun educational game that allows young students to learn while competing against their friends. This way, students can stay motivated to learn and grow their skills.

What it does

Fun Learn is a fun and captivating game that helps students practice their academic skills without the presence of parents or other mentors. Basically, it gamifies the process of handwriting by assigning scores and points, and sparking competition through a leaderboard, motivating students to practice

How I built it

I used Flask for the backend and for handling the serving of the documents, HTML, CSS, Javascript for building an aesthetically-pleasing frontend. Python as the primary language for the functionalities and backend.

Challenges I ran into

Time was definitely one of my largest problems. Due to the sheer amount of work that Ihad to do in this short time period, I had to organize my time really well and work non-stop. Another big problem I ran into was figuring out how to create the game system. I have never created a game before and this was my first time so it was very interesting to work through that process and figure out how to do things.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud that I got the application functional and ready for potential use! Making a complex game with user tracking, a right/wrong functionality and a realtime leader board was very tough, but I persevered through it and am extremely proud of my final results.

What We learned

Through this hackathon, I learned a lot about front end and backend development. I learned about developing fast and interactive UIs in flask, python, html, javascript and SASS (most of which I had no experience with before). Furthermore, I learned a lot about backend development in MongoDB (another tool I had no experience with before). Not only did I learn a lot about programming, I also learned how to wrok really well in a high pressured environment. Since this was a my first hackathon, I had a lot of difficulty at the start keeping track of what to do and how to do it efficiently. Hackathons are a lot different than the normal projects that I do. They are much more fast paced and require a steady concentration. So, the starting was a rough patch for me but then I worked through it and was able to complete the project in the end.

What's next for Fun Learn

Next, I hope to clean the game up a little bit by improving the UI and making the backend more production ready. In addition, I want to gain feedback from teachers and students on how much they like the game and how I can improve it to make it more interactive. After all of that is done, I want to release it out into the public and spread the word hoping that it goes viral so that students can stay motivated to continue learning during this pandemic!

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