Umbre is a one-stop service for all NFT creators. Umbre allows you to generate and deploy a TRC-721 contract on the Tron blockchain with any information and features. After the deployment, you can use mint button for integration, with which anyone can mint your NFT collection.

We saw how rapidly the NFT community on the Tron blockchain is developing and decided to release Umbre on Tron to make it easier for creators to go from the idea of a collection to its implementation.


Tron Blockchain. One of the leading blockchains. High efficiency along with low commissions.

TRC-721 contracts. Umbre supports Tron TRC-721 contract generation. Create efficient and purpose built contracts for your project in a few minutes.

Easy deployments. No delay or confusion, click a single button and be live in one minute.

Built for all. Create collections of 100 or 10,000. Umbre provides you all the tools for a perfect launch.

Minting Button. Umbre you take your collection public with a simple embed button that works on all no-code website builders.

Own everything. With Umbre you own everything. From contract to IPFS to mint button - your project is totally decentralized.

Analytics. Get detailed metrics about who mints and owns your collection and recommendations on how to scale better.

Free for all. Umbre is open for all. No payment upfront. No email signup. Just connect your wallet and launch.

Marketplace ready. Once launched your collection is automatically listed and compatible with all NFT marketplaces.


July. In July, we started developing Umbre and have already launched the project on the Nail Testnet. Now the basic functionality is already available in the form of creating and deploying collection contract, as well as the mint functionality.

August. In August, we plan to release the beta version on the Mainnet. We plan to collect feedback from the first users and improve our service for a mass release.

September. In September, we plan to add several important features: whitelisting, admin airdrops, delayed mint launch, full-fledged dashboard and a few more.

October. In October, we are planning a mass release of Umbre. We are also planning an advertising campaign and collaboration with some communities.

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