FROONE Social network applications with Gps Tracking, deliver users to the location of friends. Froone can be used to pick up colleagues at the airport, a visit to a relative's house, and attend special events.

Everyone can introduce some interesting places, places of business that attracted many visitors, covering news and documentation Anyone can build a community and develop into a wider community with Froone.

Basically froone can be accessed through all mobile devices Download froone application for android, android apps Froone supports GPS capabilities so that they can track the user's position, tourist attractions, and so forth are accurate. so that all the excellence and sophistication within the grasp froone

Using Froone Very Easy Take advantage of the moment Froone meeting, traveling, picking up a friend at the airport, or home visiting relatives. Froone include maps that can inform the presence of your friends. Sign in with the username and password you created when registering. If not yet been registered, click Sign up

Contents complete data about yourself then Continue, after the registration process you will go to the dashboard Post news, news coverage you can not see other people if you have not received a response from a friend or follow someone else, therefore must first Follow some people so that the person you responded to Follow back.

Know that the response of another can be obtained if you have completed your ID and photos and posting policy compliant. Create Solidarity with the followers of your followers that you are gaining good response from them.

to cover a wide range of unique and special events that you experienced anywhere, you can use the track record to provide information where you cover the news. followers assure you that the news is true so as to provide insight for your followers.

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