The recent covid-19 pandemic had made us realize that Frontline workers employed in retail stores are at a high risk of getting contaminated by infections. Wegman’s challenge to aid frontline workers motivated our team to use our skills to make the workplace safer for Frontline workers. Making retail stores, like Wegmans, safer would ensure the safety of frontline workers, their families, and even the customers that visit the stores.

What it does

The goal of our project is to create a tool that ensures the safety and hygiene of frontline workers in retail stores. Our project aims to use Computer Vision technology to classify whether the employee/customer is attempting to enter the store premises without a mask. If the algorithm recognizes that an individual is not wearing a mask, then a mask is automatically dispensed by the machine and the algorithm again checks if the mask is worn by the person. Especially, for employees, the program uses a rewarding system that awards them for following adequate guidelines to stop the spread of the pandemic.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

1) Finding hardware equipment, especially cameras. 2) Training the machine learning model was a struggle in itself. 3) Making a mask dispensing machine from scratch caused a few problems here and there. 4) We were not able to find the Laser Infrared Thermal Sensor, therefore we were not able to implement the 'temperature check' feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) The computer vision algorithm works efficiently and effectively. 2) The mask dispenser works effectively and dispenses masks one at a time if and only if the Computer VIsion algorithm realizes that the individual entering the store is not wearing a mask properly. 3) All the components come together perfectly to make our project work seamlessly.

What we learned

1) Hackathons are a great place to learn, socialize and have fun. 2) We learned a lot of insights about computer vision technology especially about training machine learning models.

What's next for Frontline.AI

1) We would like to continue working on this application to make constructive changes like including more ways(including body temperature checks) to ensure the safety and hygiene of front-line workers employed in retail stores. 2) Integrate the technology with a CCTV camera to improve project performance. 3)We would like to develop an app that would integrate the reward system with the premium membership of various leading retail stores. 4) We would like to improve our UI for a better user experience.

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