Team Lead: Hannes Bend

Team Name: From the HeARt

Team Lead Phone: 6464743062

Location: Basement + Ballroom + Table 27


We explore AR as an intersocial medium with biofeedback, and integrate health-improving deep breathing in an engaging experience. Only AR offers the possibility to see another person, and one’s own AND the other person’s biodata in the same visual field. And even more so: to engage with these (usually invisible) biodata in an interconnected and fun experience.

Deep and mindful breathing has been scientifically studied to lower stress, anxiety, depression and improve cardiovascular diseases, health and sense of joy. Multi-player AR with biofeedback offers the first time to merge creative technology and contemplative techniques for well-being.

What it does

AR experience for two users to sense each others biodata. Both users sense the same visual field. The breathing patterns are detected with accelerometers in mobile phones on each users’ belly, and individually visualized for both in the space in between the users. At start, the virtual Panda explains a mindfulness breathing technique. By breathing deeply, the visualization enlarges. After passing a threshold of simultaneous deep breathing patterns, a visual pattern emerges and illustrates the two users as interconnected. The novel intersocial and interoceptive experience offers a fun and engaging experience to feel more connected, calm, and improve health.

Teaches deep breathing in a group setting.

How we built it

Using love, Unity, and a lot of hard work. All models were made in Blender during the hackathon. The models were imported in Unity and Photon was used to connect the two Hololens to multiple devices.


-Platform: Hololens

-Development tools: Unity

-SDKs: Hololens Kit

Sound assets: ;

-no APIs, libraries, or any component created outside of the hackthon were used

Challenges we ran into

Connecting two phones and two hololens together! And of course to create one of the first (or first ever) intersocial and biofeedbacked experiences in AR. Learning how to calm down together in a fun way using AR has such potential. We are happy to have found each other as a team and to build this together!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting two phones and two hololens together!

What we learned

How to network AR with other devices, how to connect two AR headsets, how to connect accelerometers to AR, transfer the accelerometer data into biofeedback, how to create visualizations for each user’s biodata and simultaneous breathing patterns. How fun intersocial experiences in tech can be!

What's next for From the HeARt

How to potentially expand this with other biosensors for health-improving games. For instance the next steps would be integrating heart rate and thermal sensor once they are supported in the same version of Unity that Hololens is developed in.The content can be educational and engage users to feel more integrated and interconnected with each other. Environmental, socialand medical topics can be addressed. The usage could be simplified by using Mira Prism Augmented Reality Headset for more accessibility.

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