Meeting people at a crowded location can be a hassle. Nobody should have to waste so much time looking for a friend. We created this app to solve that challenge

What it does

FriendZone is an app that will geographically map out where near by friends are with Augmented Reality. Using Android and Web development, we can not only tell you where your nearest friend is, but also graph 2d-polygon describing how many friends are in certain buildings.

How we built it

We used Android studio to deploy the app on mobile, Web for mapping Esri details, Firebase for storing JSon data

Challenges we ran into

Esris 4.1 for javascript, while it is extensive, alot of methods we wanted to use were deprecated. for example, refreshing every few seconds. Android using AR was tough because 3 of the 4 members have never use it before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to accomplish our small short term goals. At first we bothered the sponsers alot but got the hang of the api after they left ironiclly

What we learned

Not to be overconfident, hit realistic goals.

What's next for FriendZone

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