As first year students, it's a new challenge for many living away from home and learning to care for one self. One reoccurring issue that everyone in our team has is our inability to manage the groceries we have in our fridge due to lack of time. Whenever we have the opportunity to buy groceries, we forget to check what we have and what we need.

What it does

This program tells the user the amount of each grocery left in the fridge along with the date put in the fridge and expiry date.

How we built it

We built it around the fundamental philosophy that it should be an extremely module system to allow manufacturers to easily implement our product.

Challenges we ran into

Learning/understanding how to make effective libraries and data structures, understanding pin layouts for the physical display and running into unexpected assistant compile errors and debugging them were all difficult challenges faced by the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although the final product is not exactly up to our standards, for the limited time frame we have, we were able to create a functioning final product that can definitely be improved upon with more time. With this being our first hackathon under our belt, we will have a lot more experience and better time management for the next hackathon. Furthermore we learned a lot of many new technical skills that can be implemented at all times.

What we learned

We learned new technical skills mainly around based around combining the software and hardware sides of design. We realized the large difference between the theory we are taught about circuits and how to actually apply them. As such the benefits of actual real experiences came out. Overall we learned about both the benefits and difficulties that come with combining different aspects of the design process. As result we have grown and evolved as indivuals and a team and are prepared to face further challenges moving forwards.

What's next for Fridge Assist

Expanding its capabilities by introducing the internet of things and implementing it into one's own daily use. Currently it feels like a hassle to use however this idea can be extremely beneficial with UX improvements.

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