The inspiration for FreelyEntry started with everyone's desire to reflect on life. Life passes by so quickly that most of us forget to stop and appreciate what is happening now. People want to reflect, journal, vlog... but a lot of us do not have the time, think we do not have the time, or forget to do so.

FreelyEntry was born to assist us with our desire to reminisce on our lives, our memories. With a simple text, FreelyEntry texts you when you are most available during your day, asking you how your day was. You text back in the text conversation, talking about your day and anything else you would like to include. FreelyEntry then receives your entry and compiles it with all of your past entries into a nice webpage for you to visit and reflect.

FreelyEntry realizes the importance of journaling. It benefits your mental health, making you feel more controlled and level-headed, helping you balance your emotions and making more responsible, smart decisions throughout your day. Since most of us text on a daily basis without thinking about how much time it consumes, FreelyEntry takes advantage of that and allows you to easily comment about your day through text conversation, something so natural to our everyday lives that it doesn't feel like extra effort.

FreelyEntry - Daily texts that remind you to reflect and journal. We compile the rest, and present them beautifully to you.

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