Fraction Planet is a game-based curriculum, with instruction and assessments, for mastering fractions at any age. Fraction Planet has truly awesome gameplay, is backed by randomized controlled trials, and aligns to >50 Common Core State Standards.

Students can play Fraction Planet on classroom PC or tablet -- and take the learning home to play on a parent's computer or smartphone.

User experience: Awesome gameplay! Real games with real learning outcomes. Offers great opportunities for both collaborative and competitive play.

Potential Impact: Fractions are recognized as one of the biggest barriers to student achievement in math. Our games are highly motivating learning experiences that have proven validity as assessments and efficient instructional activities.

Feasibility of Use: From a teacher perspective, there are minimal requirements to change existing practices or learn complicated new programs. It takes just 10 minutes to get a whole class started!

Common Core Alignment: Games and game items are systematically developed based on over 50 common core standards and assessment anchors. Additionally, we incorporate recommendations from the common core learning progressions, common core practice standards (when possible), and the IES practice guide for effective fractions instruction.

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