Football live

*Never miss the result when your favourite team is playing! *


This app is designed for people who care about sport and want to be notified in real time about football match results. Hot news is delivered to your wrist so no matter what you are doing you will see the vital facts at once.

Application features:

  • follows football leagues, tournaments and teams for around the world.
  • offers real time notifications like
    • goal scored
    • red cards
    • game started
    • game finished
    • game postponed

Vision and commercial potential of the app

My goal is to create tracking applications for every kind of sport for the Galaxy Gear watch. I believe Gear Notifications are a far better way to track game results than Android notifications. Take a look at my promotional video. The busy man is gardening but without even stopping his activity he can see the live result. It is far more convenient to look at your watch than to have to search for the mobile phone screen hidden deep in your pocket.

Design and usability

Check the image below to see how well designed the app is and how easy it is to use:

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