Team Leader/ Members:  MAYANK YADAV (1648531032)  ANKITA SINGH (1748531906) Prototype Description:  With the help of this machine, we can take sanitizer or hand wash and water according to the needs.  We can use this machine everywhere like college, school, bus station, Railway Station, and Public places etc.  Every person can use this machine, a healthy person and also handicapped person.  He can use his gate at any time when he come into the house, before that he came by washing hands.  The challenge of this machine is also very less.  At that time this machine is fully manually.  But together we can do some exchanges according to the requirement of this machine (manually and electrically).  The machine uses an ultrasonic sensor.  Wherever we use this machine, every person who passes from there, this sensor will detect it and inform the alarm then the alarm will ring.  By using this sensor, the only advantage is that if any person goes inside any office or public place, then it will lie that you have not washed hands.  We will use our feet to run this machine, with the help of that we will be able to use both the water and sanitizer.

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