• We're college students too. We love free stuff as much as you. We love food as much as you. So we combined the two.

What it does

  • Parses through your email to find when food is mentioned, and then grabs the time, date, place. and what kind of food will be served and puts it on an easy to view map.

How I built it

  • We have no clue. It just sorta does its own thing. Even the HTML is horrible to look at.

Challenges I ran into

  • Did you know that PHP is the devil incarnate? No sane individual should even consider pulling info from a database using PHP.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • With the monstrosity that PHP is, we got it to work.

What I learned

  • We're really bad at ultimate frisbee
  • The hardest part of any hack is getting individual parts to work harmoniously together.

What's next for FoodTrackr

  • Lots of bug fixes and feature improvements
  • A proper website
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