The campus foodshed reached out asking for an app to be built.

What it does

Displays a map of the UW campus, shows where each foodshed is located as well as the foods currently available in each foodshed.

How I built it

This app uses the Ionic Framework, Typescript, CSS, and HTML. Also, I helped implement this with a team of 4 people. Currently, the first implementation of this app is completed.

Challenges I ran into

Taking data from a Google Spreadsheet and transferring the data to the app real-time. This involved learning new APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to collaborate effectively with a team and pushing myself to learn new programming languages.

What I learned

I learned the value of scalability. Now that I am the only returning member of this project, I find it difficult to explain what some of the code does because it is not commented and organized well. This will make it difficult to scale the project. In addition, I had to apply object-oriented programming techniques to this program to make the program more organized and scalable.

What's next for FoodShed

Editing pins and expanding this app to other universities.

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