• we observed that some of the local shops are there which are just nothing more than a stall but they are having massive amount of crowd on there stall .
  • and the sometimes face a lot issues to manage that much of crowd if there is only one man then he has to manage the acceptance of order , making the item and also giving to particular person who have ordered it

What it does

so will act as a pre-booking partner for them and also promoting there food items even more in area by suggesting users famous and top selling items of stores .

  • will provide online booking for the listed items of that store and pre-payment through app and generate an unique QR/OTP for them which he/she can scan at stall and can get his food item without need to standing in queue .

How we built it

We built it in ReactJS and Firebase and TailwindCSS . As our Application was not in need of that much of API so we preffered using the Firebase as a Backend .

Challenges we ran into

Making Site Responsive , Rendering the Component inside the Main Component was major task for us , Also as it was first time we were using the firebase in Website so we faced a lot of issues in finding the way to implementing the data insert and read .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the Tailwind CSS and making our site responsive was a achievement for us

What we learned

We Learned a lot about reactjs and firebase .

What's next for

we are looking forward to integrate the machine learning model in it which will provide the the suggestions to user based on his previous searches and dataset .

Built With

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