One big issue about food insecurity doesn't lie with enough food not being available, it lies between the failure to connect the people
• who might need food
• who might provide food
And in students, that's even tough to connect with people who could solve their food crisis.
That's what "food-indeed" exactly solves. It connects both kinds of groups together.

What it does

Have you ever booked a movie ticket? Like in an actual theatre. It lets you know number of seats available and then you can book accordingly. Also, the theatre owners on the organizers side must update how many seats they've, and what films are they screening. "Food-Indeed" is exactly that, but to solve food insecurity.

the following features are not completely implemented yet
Organizers [could be NGOs or individuals or anyone] can put up new food groups, specifying:-
• number of slots available
• datetime
• location

And general users (students) can browse through all the food groups around, and book their slot for the best suited one. Also, to avoid multiple registrations, all users would need to verify their mobile numbers before confirming the booking. Once verified, they'll receive their confirmation text with a security pin! And then, just gotta go there and enjoy food!!

How we built it

Theoretically, on figma, to make prototypes. In real life tho, we've used flutter to code the app, firebase to authenticate users.

Challenges we ran into

Completing the hack within the time was challenging of course.

  • one of our members' Devpost account got flagged surprisingly, though it got resolved soon, thanks to Devpost!

What we learned

Design aspects
Flutter concepts

Accomplishments we're proud of

Ability to create an app that is actually helpful

What's next for ✨ food-indeed ✨

Launching food-indeed in real world
Encouraging people to organize more such groups
Implementing a potential reward system

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