Welcome to our Sustainability Startup Project. We aim to improve sustainability through preventing food wastage, all through an easy to use Google Home Interface!

Have you ever had produce in your fridge, but didn't know when it would go bad? Look no further than Food Buddy, your neighbourly fridge assistant! Its a system integrated in your Google Home that keeps track of the food you have and tells you specifically about its spoilage information. You can tell your Food Buddy your entire refrigerator inventory and it will keep track of what's still good and what's bad. Use it, and say goodbye to those guilty grocery trips today!

Here's our very sustainable team:

  • Hussein
  • Arjun
  • Ammar
  • Saryn
  • Brody

After Hackathon Update

Food-Buddy is currently being pursued as a real product, and as a result our Git repository has been privated. The final usable Google Home app is currently in the works, and will be posted here once finished. Thank you to the HackLassonde team and all the competitors for making this a great competition, and for pushing us to make something amazing.

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