Arabic calligraphy requires special strokes, which can not be drawn by usual S-pen methods. The Arabic calligraphy pen is a wide nib pen which is held at an angle so as to make a moving parallelogram while forming characters. This rhombus shaped parallelogram, at certain steep angles, render very thin, sharp strokes, which are not possible with either brush or pen tools, in S-Pen API.

Through this program FontArabica, I have tried to develop an algorithm, through which strokes are intelligently modified to accommodate requirements of Arabic Calligraphy. Basic stroke has been successfully developed, as shown in the accompanying video. Algorithm to de-construct alphabets into strokes, and vice versa, is being developed, and will greatly enhance the intelligence behind the stroke modification module.

At this stage, program is NOT user-friendly because right now our emphasis is on the logic. There are some bugs even, but they will be handled in due course of time.

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