The radical change in lifestyle brought about by COVID-19 has many students taking classes online. Many reports have shown that online classes have made it difficult for students to stay motivated, healthy, on track, and focused.

What it does

As the name suggests, the main goal of our app is to help students focus! With facial recognition technology that keeps track of whether you’re paying attention in zoom lectures, and minimalistic, straightforward to-do lists, “focus.” assists students with staying tuned to their classes and keeping track of their tasks. Other features include a weekly attention span graph, redeemable focus points as incentives to attend classes, self-reflection and mood tracking, and links to chill music and memes to boost positivity.

How we built it

COMPUTERS! They're so cool!! But in all seriousness- We started off by designing how we wanted our app to look using Figma. We created each individual page's layout, then turned our designs to reality using Android Studio. We used Node.js and Bootstrap to create our webpage. Then, we linked everything together using Tensorflow, Firebase, and ML Kit.

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting our mobile app with Firebase
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Staying awake!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning how to use Tensorflow
  • Generating our own facial recognition model to track attention
  • Creating multiple functioning pages and features

What we learned

Firstly, we learned how to plan and execute efficiently. Through designing, we realized how much attention to detail and teamwork this project required. Together, we learned how to hone our individual strengths to create something we are all proud of, in a time-efficient manner. Most importantly, we learned that there are many students out there who are facing a lot of struggles with online learning during this global pandemic, but they are not alone. We learned that we can help create change :)

What's next for focus.

-Partner up with mental health experts to provide more resources for students. -Mental health medical machine learning model. -Integrate more streamlined features that minimize distractions and increase productivity.

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