Honestly, seeing an API powerful enough to transfer files, regardless of size or type so consistently across platform, I had to make use of it. So I figured that it would be a good bet to make use of it to create an app that allows you to share and transfer document on the go and keep them at one place. Not only that, the document can be from your excel or ppt or even .c or .java files, actually almost all kinds of code files can be viewed in this app, I have ensured that the popular extensions are covered by the app.

How it works

The best part of the app is how it works, it's so easy that even your child or grandparents can use. Just select the files to transfer from the list and click send. A code will be generated which need to be shared with the person you want to send files to. That's it. Same logic applies to the receiving part.

Challenges I ran into

Well, yeah there were a few but it was a part of the learning curve. In building this app, i learned loads of stuff core to iOS file management and using file extensions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an app that is very close to what I imagined it to be is really nice.

What I learned

Learned about the file management in iOS, file extensions , viewing document, and of course the powerful APIs of the sendAnyhwhere.

What's next for FLYDOC

If I see the app being used by people, i'll add more features to make the app's document viewer more customised and and even more refined and especially providing customisation to read the code syntax of various languages like java,c, etc.

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