Inspiration 👀

I was inspired to create this after seeing so much fruit from fruit trees in my backyard go to waste. The lemon trees have hundreds of lemons, yet probably only five of those lemons are used in a good week. In addition, I would often find myself in situations where I needed flowers for a project or to give to someone, but I wouldn’t be able to find any in the backyard. I thought that a perfect solution to this would be for locals to provide each other in the community with what they need, each contributing what they naturally have in their backyard. Not only would this prevent a lot of food waste, but it would also benefit everyone, while educating people about flowers and plants! Thus, I created flowerExchange.

What it Does ✨

flowerExchange is an app that allows users to get flowers and/or fresh backyard produce from those in their own community. In the marketplace, users can find listings for fresh produce and flowers/plants near them. The app operates on a currency called Hydracoins, which is what users receive when selling their own products, and what users use to buy other people’s products. This is also an opportunity for children to learn about finance and spending their money wisely. The app’s second tab is “learn”, which is a tab where users can learn more about plants and flowers, educating them about a super interesting topic, while allowing them to have a better overview of what types of flowers or plants they could buy. Finally, the profile tab shows the user’s overall profile, reviews, and purchase/sale history.

How I built it 🥳

I built this prototype with Figma, and used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video.

Challenges I ran into 😭

One challenge that I ran into was managing my time while working on this project. There were so many workshops or other fun events going on that I often found myself deciding between working on this project or attending another workshop/event. In addition, deciding the features to include was a challenge. I had so many different ideas, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to implement all of them, and could only choose a few.

Accomplishments I’m proud of 😀

I’m proud of how I was able to create a comprehensive prototype with decent UI/UX in such a short amount of time. In addition, since this was my first time working on a Figma project solo, it was really interesting to have full control over every aspect of the app, and I’m proud of what I’ve created!

What I learned😊

One big thing I learned is how to better work with Figma. I’m still pretty new to using it, as it’s only my second time with it, and every time I work with it I learn something new!

What’s next for flowerExchange 🌸

There's a lot that could be coming next for flowerExchange! I'd love to add an in-app chat system for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other.

Built With

  • figma
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