As the COVID-19 pandemic is going on, we've created an app for you to get started on your gardening journey, this app is all you need! The app can be built for uses such as:

  1. Help farmers identify diseases infesting their crops and fight back against them
  2. Help people learn about various flora and get in touch with nature
  3. Build a wholesome community with fellow plantspersons and share/learn knowledge with them
  4. Help you take better care of your plants and not neglect them.

What it does

The app is functionality loaded with features such as:

  1. Login functionality: Has a powerful and secure login functionality
  2. Journal and Community: Write your plant journals as reference and learn/teach how to grow plants
  3. Water-plant reminder: Sends you a message when your plant is thirsty for water!
  4. Plant Type and Disease Classification: Identify plants and it's health by just taking a photo
  5. Virtual Companion: Get all the necessary resources for gardening with the help of your guide- Demeter!

How we built it

We used Canva and Figma to beautifully design the website and the prototype respectively, used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create our front-end referencing Bootstrap templates, used Node.js and Express.js to create a powerful backend, used Google Cloud Platform's Dialogflow to create a functional chatbot and AutoML Vision to train and deploy our 2 classification models, used CockroachDB for our database needs, used Arduino Uno and Moisture Sensor for hardware, hosted our app on Google Cloud Platform

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty integrating a lot of features due to the bulk of technologies being unknown territory and due to time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Created a beautiful webapp
  2. Got our site deployed and hosted.
  3. Were able to implement most of the features

What we learned

We learned how to use Google Cloud Platform and their APIs such as Dialogflow and AutoML, CockroachDB, Arduino and design platforms such as Figma, all of which he had no idea about prior to this hackathon.

What's next for FloraCare

  1. We will make an android app
  2. Make the necessary UI/UX changes
  3. Make more complex and powerful datasets for classification models with more labels
  4. Add Twilio API for notifications about the sensor
  5. Make the community more personal

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