The FloBLE is an NFC Reader that connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It’s therefore supported on the latest mobile devices running iOS, Android, or WindowsPhone software as well as PCs running Windows, OSX or Linux that support the Bluetooth4.0 specification. The FloBLE is designed for extreme low power consumption, allowing the reader to operate for over a year under normal usage with 4 AAA batteries.

The FloBLE is aimed at a broad market with focus on ‘instrumented spaces’. In other words, applications that aim to leverage mobile devices for use as mPOS, kiosks, digital signage, access control equipment, etc. The FloBLE is unique in that it is extremely low power and wireless, allowing for diverse deployment options without worrying about recharging it every day.

With Over-the-air Download support and a simple test application on iOS and MacOSX, we have been achieve incredible functionality with the FloBLE. It is our product of choice for several hackathons this year. We hope to win enough funding to take the FloBLE through to production and bring it to market ASAP.

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