Business users consistently look for flexibility in adding a task to the workflow which eventually was a development effort with testing and deployment running into weeks of timeline, which they were not very happy. With this wizard based flexible workflow, business users can add ad-hoc tasks, assign to users who needs to complete the task and then define the notification preferences, SLA and other attributes without any development effort. Additionally the adhoc user who is going to work on the tasks may not have access to the system all the time, so our solution provided flexibility for the user to update the case through an SMS response integrated to Pega or can be through chatbot.

What it does

The wizard enables you to add an adhoc task to the workflow and define the parameters like SLA (Goaltime, deadline etc.), Notification preferences and assignee to the task who will be working on it. Once its submitted the task gets added to the workflow and notification is sent to the user. Also in parallel an SMS is sent to the user number stating the case has been assigned to him and relevant questions on the case is asked through the SMS. User response is captured in the means of Q&A and once completed the task is updated in Pega.

How we built it

We built a 3 stage process within Pega and defined the steps under each stage using the Pega case management features. The wizard is built as an console for configuring the task for each step within the workflow. The chatbot is configured and integrated with Twilio for SMS.

Challenges we ran into

Twilio integration where we had issue with the UMS key to enable the integration between Pega and Twilio. The key expired and later new keys were obtained and integration was successful.

Accomplishment we are proud of

This is a major accomplishment with regard to flexible workflow and working offline on the case where we see multiple client have been asking for such flexibility and want it to be done by them without development effort. This solution is now implemented on case management without any integration to downstream system.

What we learned

Design thinking which went to build the wizard, which was reviewed by Pegasystems and approved and also integration with Twilio and making the SMS integration possible.

What's next for Flexible workflow with Chatbot

The next step on this solution will be developing some template based UI which will be populated for the task which will be assigned to the user.

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