Flashcard apps have not been creative and smart to allow students of all levels create interactive content for studies. Text flashcards prohibit students from truly expressing their materials while other Paint methods limit them from being searched.

What it does

Flashcard Pro empowers students of any age to create rich flashcards that includes text, handwriting, and images. Simply add text, paint, or handwrite any content on the back and front of the card. Then drop any images from gallery, camera, or the web to enrich the effects. Students can now convert pre-existing flashcards to digital with Camera or Import from Gallery. Background options are available to choose for Math or Text based cards. After it's ready, all text and handwriting are stored for quick access later with a simple search. For studying, cards are stacked and shuffled that will flip from front to back at the touch of a button. Swipe left or right to interact with the cards.

How I built it

The app is built with inspiration from Tinder simple navigation of swiping content left or right. The handwriting recognition is using MyScriptJS (CDK) with HTML5 Canvas.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge is to ensure that each flashcard is readable on the mobile device. Since regular flashcards are 3x5 in size, the iphone is limited in how large study materials can be shown. Landscape view is available in order to resize the cards. The app is also available on iPad.

Another challenge is recognizing the Paint content to store for searching. Everything else can be captured except paint. Hopefully there will be a solution for the next update.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm most excited about the Handwriting Recognition powered by MyScript to make the study content accessible for everyone. It has liberated the ability to create smart flashcards with complete creativity.

What's next for Flashcard Pro

After more testing, an Android version will follow.

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