Troubleshoot & fix Device Driver Problems in Windows 10/8/7

What it does

Are you having hardware issues on Windows 10? It could be a problem with the current driver. Here's the way to update drivers on your own

How I built it

Using new technologies such as java, ruby on rails and AWS

Challenges I ran into

creating huge database of millions of windows drivers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Best of the league software, quick and fast driver updates

Where can i get it?

When you experience problem with sound or visuals on your computer, the simplest solution that almost always works is reinstalling the drivers.Sometimes, your computer audio in Windows will suddenly stop working. Restarting your PC can fix these issues, but that's not convenient and won't always clear up driver issues (such as error 0x800F0923) before upgrading to Windows 10 you neet install fixbit - DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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