The 5-TILES SMS Text Messager for Samsung Gear

The 5­-TILES SMS Text Messager brings the revolutionary 5-TILES Keyboard to your Samsung Gear, allowing you to sent text messages directly from your watch - without having to dig out your phone!

With the 5-TILES SMS Text Messager you can stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues easily while on the move. This is an integrated app that will automatically sync your contacts address book from your phone, but does not require a companion app to be downloaded on your phone.

The 5-TILES SMS Text Messager

How it Works

Open the Text Messager by selecting the 5-TILES SMS icon. The Text Messager will show you your most recent conversation threads by contact name or phone number. You can reply to an existing thread by clicking on that thread, or start a new conversation by clicking on ‘Compose’ at the bottom of the screen. When composing a new text, first select a name or number from your contact list, and a new text message will be started.

When you are done typing your message, simply swipe up on the yellow tile for “send” - and your text message will be sent.

The 5-TILES Keyboard

Underlined letters are a single tap. For other letters, place your finger on the key where it is written, and slide your finger across to the key shown by the order it is written in. As you move your finger across the keyboard, the Grey Arrow will guide you to the letter you need.

For example, to type the letter F, you place your finger on the green key where F is written, and slide to the blue key:

typing F

A number of letters and commands can be typed by swiping up or down, also indicated by where they are written on the keyboard. For example, the letter U is a swipe up on the orange key:

typing U

The patent-pending 5-­TILES Keyboard is a radical departure from the 150-year old QWERTY system, which was designed to prevent the jamming of mechanical typewriter arms. It has done us good services until now, but can't comfortably follow us onto our smallest device yet - the smart watch. With 5-TILES, you'll be ready for the NEXT 150 years, across ALL of your touch screen devices.

Typing with the keyboard for the future

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