Due to Covid19, to prevent community transmission, outdoor exercises are limited and these truths are sinking in -Your social life is lacking -You are gaining fats -Working out alone sucks

There are two main types of fitness apps 1) Personal fitness tracker (e.g. Google Fit app) Encourage running, walking or bike rides through tracking of steps/heart rates/pulse. Such activities are not possible during Covid19. Time to re-invent; encourage people to keep fit with static exercises at home.

2) Instructional videos for static exercises (e.g.Home Workout app): Contains videos/instruction on how to do static exercises. However, it loses the social element of working out with friends.

There would always be temptation to have a short run in the park. But if everyone do so, the community transmission would not cease. How then shall we have our fun share of working out with connecting with friends?

Behold Fitspo mobile app.

What it does

Fitspo is the first mobile app that is able to count the number of static exercises done e.g. plank, sit-up, push-up, lunges, star-jump. Simply strap on the mobile app to your arm before working out.

Create a fitness regime (Challenge) and seek out your friends for the challenge.

No idea what type of fitness regime to do? Fret not, you can seek out the community/fellow fitspo online and take up their regime.

Earn achievements/badges for social recognition.

How I built it

Using accelerometer and gyroscope in phone/wearable to track static exercises. For proof of concept, i research on the main type of static exercise that can be captured on the android phone. Sit-up - Rotation Sensor i.e. Capture rotation (~90 degree e.g. portrait to landscape) motion from resting to sitting Push-ups - Gravity Sensor i.e.Capture y-axis motion and magnitude of gravity from down/upward movement Lunges - Significant Motion Sensor i.e. Capture “walking” movement from forward lunging

More variant of static exercises possible with some calibration.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to find the equivalent library function iOS. More research need to be done to roll out such features in wearable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have discovered new purposes for the accelerometer and gyroscope in phone.

What's next for Fitspo

Mark I: Use phone in-built accelerometer and gyrometer to track basic static exercise Mark II: Use wearable to to static exercises and increase the type of static exercise that could be track Mark III: Use machine learning to detect static exercise from phone camera Mark IV: Able to detect pilates and yoga poses and issue advice to rectify postures Mark V Add VR/AR gamification feature

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