Many athletes do not achieve sound nutritional practices to optimize their sports performance. There are many factors that include dietary extremism, poor practical life skills, reduced access to food due to a busy lifestyle/frequent travel, and most importantly poor nutritional knowledge that are detrimental to peak sports performance. Education in nutrition for the athlete needs to be practical, so as to address eating strategies and key food and fluid choice s that will help to achieve the goals of sound nutrition. Strategies that are easy to use and can achieve a number of nutritional goals simultaneously, like FitChoice, are the most useful because athletes often find it difficult to integrate separate issues.

What it does

FitChoice is a mobile menu scanner application that harnesses nutritional data to optimize meals based on an athlete's preferences. The app allows users to tailor their fitness goals based on their own aims such as muscle building, maintenance, and fat loss. FitChoice then suggests the most optimal meal plan before, during, or after workouts based on the three big macromolecules: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.


  1. Download app
  2. Input preferences
  3. Scan the menu
  4. Output of most optimal meal plan

How we built it

  1. Designed user interfaces to combine multiple aspects of our project,
  2. Data and Database collection,
  3. Data translation and refinement,
  4. Ranked foods based on user preference and tracked past inputs,
  5. Synthesized all aspects of our project into a finished product

Challenges we ran into

Ranking foods based on user preference, Tracking daily intake of nutrients, Maximizing the scores/nutritional benefit of each food,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completed method that returns the best foods based on the athlete's preferences, Ease of use/Convenience of the product, Improving standards of living and lifestyle habits

What we learned

Api concepts, ArrayList manipulation, HashMap manipulation, Standardizing Dot Product, Relationship between Arrays and ArrayLists, Advanced for loop, Understanding of Pair class, Sorting/Ranking data, Providing optimal solutions based on user input

What's next for FitChoice

Expanding our database to incorporate more food options and potentially track nutrient intake on a monthly or even longer time basis

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