"Burning through boundaries to build a better world."

FireVision is an android app designed to help bridge the gap between technology and the real world. While tactics like augmented reality and virtual reality seek to bring technology into the real world, FireVision takes things backwards, seeking to bring the real world into technology, utilizing the vast power of ML to process text visually. FireVision allows you to easily record notes and ideas, seamlessly transitioning them to text files which can be ported to your various needs. In addition, FireVision allows you to process various queries and requests you may need to make; requests as simple as setting up your morning 6 o clock alarm, or requests as critical as keeping you up to date on all of your various tasks. No matter what the application is, FireVision allows you to bridge the gap between the real world and technology from the other side, allowing greater ease in the revolution of the technological world.

Of course, building this wasn't easy. We faced countless difficulties trying to make this, both with software errors of our own as well as software errors in the APIs we chose. We particularly struggled with getting the text recognition interface running consistently, facing issues that we had no resources to solve (Stack Overflow had nothing, Github issues were unanswered). However, we were able to get the system running, and are now able to consistently read text from images, serving as a solid base for our application. In addition, creating the project structure as a whole was quite a challenge, as neither of us had done intensive Android development. However, through lots of research into the various components and carefully implementing our software, we were able to create a software structure that efficiently handled all of our components.

Overall, this project was quite a challenge, one that threatened to be impossible when we were unable to get workable text detections for the entire first half of the hackathon, let alone ones consistent enough to analyze. However, through lots of work on these components, optimizing every piece of code, we were able to create an application that can change how we work with technology as a whole.

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