During this time, many companies have rescinded job offers and some people have lost their jobs. According to NPR, around 26 million jobs have been lost due to coronavirus. As volunteers and job seekers, we understand the struggle of applying to different companies and organizations. For sure, there are a lot of applications and programs that could aid you to find employment opportunities, but they may not be based on your location, skillset or perhaps don't align with your passion and core values. It may result in you feeling hopeless.

We decided to create a mobile application and a website. The mobile app collates volunteering and job opportunities from various companies and organizations. In fact, CBC predicts that the unemployment rate will rise from 5% to 85%. That’s a huge jump! What would happen to Canada’s economy if it continues to increase?

Despite Canada’s abundance of both volunteering and employment opportunities, there is a lack of an accessible and reliable platform for people from all walks of life. Some of the common platforms such as; Indeed is an unreliable source of job advertisements. Since a third-party user (employer) posts the ad, there is a greater risk of getting scammed without authentications. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a well-known platform for professionals who are interested in building their network. However, there have been many cases of job recruiters who are spamming engineers and salesmen spamming the general public. In fact, most people started using these platforms to advance their career! Instead of helping them with their goal, they are hindering them from achieving their primary goal. They are letting people get notified of spammed messages and get scammed by fake job ads. How can these eager people achieve their goals if these companies are using their personal aspirations to make money out of them?

What it does

To combat this problem, Fire Match allows people from different walks of life to gain access to a reliable and convenient peer-to-peer employment matching platform. These motivated professionals are the key to growing and sustaining Canada’s economy. Meanwhile, these companies and organizations would be able to hire talented individuals to build a positive impact.

Fire Match is a platform that offers secure employment/volunteering opportunities for people from all walks of life. It connects its users based on their skill set, availability, location and willingness to make a difference in their local community. Maybe a single mom with 3 kids in the neighbourhood needs a helping hand with moving some heavy furniture. Or someone with a disability needs help with some household chores, or maybe you just need a hand with cleaning out your driveway when it’s covered with snow. Firematch allows users to post a listing for the help they seek. These postings will be visible to the users who register themselves as volunteers on the Fire Match platform and they will have the option to either accept the call for help by swiping right or decline by swiping left. This way, Fire Match acts as a peer-to-peer volunteering matching platform for users in the same community or neighbourhood. We were able to match the users based on their current location by using the geofencing and the geocoding feature of the google maps API. We then used the firebase as our backend to store the listings of the platform.

Aside from that, volunteers can import their client’s profiles from other social media platforms such as; LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to further validate their identity. The app primarily uses email and password for its authentication and furthermore, we have also implemented the linked, Facebook, Twitter API to allow the user to login with their respective choice of platform. We use password hashing to securely store the user passwords before storing them onto our firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

In every path, there are obstacles to be encountered. Our team faced difficulties in communicating with each other due to time zone differences. Two of us are from Canada, while one of my fellow members is from France. With the timezone difference, some of us had to compromise by sacrificing our sleeping schedules. In addition, sometimes the internet connection sucks. It’s difficult to be working on a project during a call with a bad internet connection. However, we did not want time zone differences, sleep deprivation and a bad internet connection to hold us back from participating at RU Hacks 2020.

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